Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's News Today

Unions look to create middle class jobs for pot-growers in New York.

Whole Foods is extending more money to farmers, but their stock took a huge hit this week.  Fresh Market has also been downgraded to "STRONG SELL".

When a Superfresh and a Pathmark closed doors, opportunity opened for Walmart to expand stores for groceries near Atlantic City.

Melissa Mark Viverito was elected as the new speaker of the New York City Council, unanimously.  Melissa has been a champion of workers' rights and has been outspoken on protecting New York City from Walmart.

This editorial board from Oregon sets the record straight on "Right to Work" legislation.
Right-to-work is a misnomer. If proponents were straight with us, they’d call these transparently vindictive efforts a “Right to Weaken Unions Act” or a “Right to Punish Those Who Oppose Us Measure.” The laws drain money from unions under the guise of creating a more business-friendly environment for states.
Millennial's are the key to fighting back against Low Wages in our country.   An Illinois Gubernatorial candidate actually proposed to cut the minimum wage by $1...Then realized, not smart.
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