Friday, March 21, 2014

Top 10 Industry Stories This Week:

1. Say Goodbye to Sam Martin, A&P has a new CEO

2.  The Salon looks at the battle between UFCW and Target, and why a re-election won't be happening.

3. Mrs. Green's announced plans to open more than 20 stores..

4.  Expanded Paid Sick Days bill is now a law in NYC.

5.  For the first time, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has recognized that federal labor law protects workers in the medical marijuana industry. Read more.

6.  Great read by Michelle Chen: "On-Call Schedule", is this right for Retail Workers?

7.  There has been a different approach to fixing "low-wage workers" in our country.

8.  The richest 10% in our country take a bigger slice of the pie than in 1913, the peak of The Gilded Age.  Check out this New York Times report on unequal wealth.  

9.  Happy Women's History Month: A GOP lawmaker says bills like equal pay and sick leave, make women look like whiners.

10.  UFCW 1500 Negotiation Committees from Manixx and SRS ShopRite will meet on March 27.

11.  We're hosting an Emergency Blood Drive on Tuesday, March 25th from 2-8pm at our union HQ- For more info or to RSVP head here

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