Friday, March 28, 2014

Top 10 Stories This Week!

This monumental ruling could potentially change the $16 billion dollar NCAA college sports industry. Universities and the NCAA couldn't be more furious about giving rights to players they've been profiting off of for decades.  Read more.  And if you're still unconvinced that College Athletes need unions, here's 8 reasons why.
Later in the week, A&P admitted they tipped investigators off.  Last week the company named a new President.
A service that hires "freelance" delivery persons to shop at your favorite supermarkets, and deliver them straight to your door.
A major turning point in U.S. labor history after 146 immigrant garment workers perished after being locked inside a building when a fire broke out at their job.  This emotional day is commemerated each year in New York City, and after last year's horrific factory fire/collapses in Bangladesh, the lessons or workplace safety still need to be taught. Professor Peter Drier asks, Have we Forgot the Lessons from the Fire?
A For-Profit company craft store is asking the Supreme Court to recognize them with the same religious freedoms as a Church or individual. Are corporations people, yet?  John Stewart gives his take.

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