Monday, January 12, 2015

Top 11 Stories This Week, 40 Hour Work Week, Target's Dumb Memos

When Walmart opened this store in Sunrise Mall, Long Island, it was the first of it's kind...A Walmart inside a Shopping Mall.  Now the company announced it won't be renewing its lease for 130,000 square feet this March.
The House on Thursday in a 252-172 vote approved legislation that would waive fees on businesses that do not offer health insurance to employees working fewer than 40 hours per week.
The legislation – which has been at the center of a heavy corporate lobbying campaign – only received 12 Democratic votes. Eighteen Democrats backed the bill during a House vote on the same issue last spring. Read more at The Hill.
The House of Representatives today passed a bill to change the definition of a full-time employee under the Affordable Care Act to one who works 40 hours per week, rather than 30 hours per week.
The bill passed by a vote of 252-172.
Retail monster Target has more than 360,000 employees. Some of them are oldies; some of them are Gen Xers; and some of them are the dreaded millennials. Fortunately, the company has a neatly stereotyped training guide for managers to navigate this generational minefield.
2015 could be the year Whole Foods buys up all their competition.
Stop & Shop has 13 LEED certified stores in the U.S.
“The spotlight is now on raising wages,” Trumka The Washington Post. “Raising wages is the key unifying progressive value that ties all the pieces of economic and social justice together. We think the president has a great opportunity to show that he is behind that agenda by increasing the overtime regulations to a minimum threshold of $51,168. That’s the marker.”
$60 billion dollar proposal will provide two free years of community college to all Americans. Your move, Congress.
Economy added 252,000 jobs, beating expectations
8. Zara is close to organizing in NYC,
Workers received wage increases in December after speaking out against stagnant benefits, now workers need a final push to organize the store.
Coverage is up on labor since the recession, but there are few labor reporters out there.
The Fresh Market announced it has partnered with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a Florida-based tomato workers’ rights organization, to purchase more tomatoes from participating growers.

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