Monday, January 26, 2015

Working Through the Blizzard Update

As we all prepare for what could be the worst winter storm in New York history, here is some good information to know for all members, regardless of length of service.  We urge you to contact your Union Representative or Shop Steward for any specific questions.  All representatives will be available all day today and tomorrow.
State of Emergency and Going to Work:
If a State of Emergency is declared, that will supersede our collective bargaining agreement. Roads will be closed and it is very unlikely your store will be open if the State of Emergency is declared.   Call your store to verify if it is open.
If My Store is Open During State of Emergency:
First things first, take precautions.  Your safety is the number one concern. If your store is open and you can make it to work safely, go to work.
Union Reps & Office Availability:
If you have ANY questions (regardless of length of service) contact your Union Representative.  Our Union office will be closing early today and will be closed tomorrow.  However, all Union Representatives will still be available by phone and in the field as usual.  So please, we urge you to contact your Union Rep. for any specific questions or issues you may have in the next 48 hours.  
A quick update on King Kullen and Stop & Shop negotiations: Right now and for the duration of the day, Union and Company Trustees are meeting on Pension and Welfare benefits. The next Trustee meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, January 29th.
Thank You:
It's often a thankless job, so we'd like to say, thank you.  Your work today and this weekend has helped hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers prepare for the storm.  We know it wasn't easy dealing with the pre-storm chaos, and we'd like to sincerely recognize you for helping your communities.  
We'll be keeping you updated digitally through emails, our social networks and on our website
Thank you,
UFCW Local 1500
UFCW Local 1500

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