Friday, March 4, 2016

Ahold, Parent Company of Stop & Shop, Earns Billions in Profit, but Refuses to Do What Is Right for its Employees.

Current Stop & Shop fruitbowl logo, shared wit...
Current Stop & Shop fruitbowl logo, shared with Giant-Landover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ahold continues to ignore that hard-working Stop & Shop employees are the ones who make stores a success.

 (PROVIDENCE, R.I.) – The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) New England Council released the following statement responding to Ahold’s latest earnings report: “Ahold, the parent company of Stop & Shop should be ashamed. Despite their continued profita-bility, earning in excess of $10 billion in profit last year, they continue to demand cuts to their employees’ hard-earned wages and benefits.

“The truth is that the hard-working men and women at Stop & Shop are the key to the company’s success. It is their dedication and commitment to the customers and the communities they serve that provides Stop & Shop with a real business advantage. “It is absolutely absurd to think that such a profitable company would follow a shortsighted low-road, low-wage business model. Doing so is a recipe for failure - not success.

 “The reality is that customers want to support responsible employers that reflect their values and treat their employees with respect. Stop & Shop customers deserve better, our hard-working members deserve better, and the communities they serve deserve better.

“It's time for Stop & Shop to do what is right and provide a fair contract for the thousands of hard working men and women who make their stores a success.”

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