Friday, June 19, 2020

To All Local 1500 Members Working at ShopRite:
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, you have put your lives on the line to help feed members of your community. Day after day you continue to work hard under the significant stress of not knowing if you will contract this virus or even worse, bring it home to your family. Despite the ongoing threat, you bravely continue to report to work, keep the stores stocked and the community served. This pandemic really has shown the rest of the world what we already knew - that the work you do each and every day is not only essential but it's a lifeline to the community and for that, you are truly front line heroes.
When the pandemic began the company instituted what they called appreciation pay-in recognition of the increased risks and demands assumed by their employees, but let's call it what it is, it's Hazard Pay, and you deserve it!
Tragically, many grocery store workers have become seriously ill and some have died from this virus. That reality has not changed, and you are still on the frontlines risking your health and that of your family.
Unfortunately, even though the threat of the virus continues, ShopRite has expressed that they want to eliminate "hazard pay." This decision is wrong and is one that we will fight through any means necessary! We have been bargaining with your company for weeks to no avail. We plan on continuing to push this effort, as they have not agreed to extend "hazard pay" until the threat of this disease has ended.
We will be working with Local's 342, 338 the UFCW Region 1 office to continue the fight for your "hazard pay." We are encouraging you to SPEAK UP AND LET YOUR COMPANY HEAR FROM YOU DIRECTLY! Let your store manager, supervision, and HR reps know that you are NO LESS ESSENTIAL than when the premium was implemented! Your job is still as dangerous as it was at the onset of this disease and you should continue to be compensated for it! We will also be taking our message to the public and asking the customers of ShopRite to stand with us in this fight to support you!
Local 1500 has also reached out to all of our employers regarding the continuation of "hazard pay" and we will take the same position with them as we do with ShopRite.
If you have questions, please contact your Union Representative.

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