Friday, September 26, 2008

BJ's in Red Hook, Trader Joe's in Brooklyn Opens today, Eli Zabar and the energy tax...Friday Morning One liners...

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Two former Pathmark Executives were hired by Rite Aid:  Rite Aid Corp., the third-biggest U.S. drugstore chain, hired new operating and finance chiefs after reporting its fifth straight unprofitable quarter and widened its projected loss for the year.

Here's more in depth analysis via MarketWatch.

Via Paul Santarpia: Another Pathmark is closing, Philly...

The BJ’s Wholesale Club destined for the Red Hook waterfront might be part of a six-level shopping plaza with several other stores and even some residential units, The Brooklyn Paper has learned.

Local 400 has a new contract with Farmland Foods.

The Daily News covers Trader Joe's grand opening today.

Supermarket News covered it also....Trader Joe’s this week will open doors to new locations in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Richmond, Va.; and Williamsburg, Va., the company said.
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The Eli Zabar 'energy' tax is getting a lot of heat from press.

Here's more from NYT

One blogger says its a 'how to go out of business recipe' 

And the Supermarket News picked the story up also
Zabar’s, the venerable Upper West Side food store here, has been adding a 1.8% surcharge to purchases in an effort to defray — and call attention to — its increased energy costs, according to a New York Times report this week.
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An analysis of blog postings conducted by the research firm J.D. Power & Associates here indicates Whole Foods earns high marks when it comes to the perception of its environmental sustainability while Safeway and Costco have a long way to go.
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A lockout continues at the Grain Processing Corp. plant in Muscatine despite six hours of talks aimed at reaching an agreement between workers and the company.

The Neighborhood Retail Alliance blogs about the Supermarket crisis.

IGA Global in Chicago said the IGA banner has been unveiled for the first time ever in Mexico on two stores supplied by Unified Grocers, Los Angeles.
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The truth of Rudy Giuliani in office is now coming out.  An ex-aid has launched a website.

 Via Observer
 Kornacki says that after the deal was nearly done, John McCain inflamed the resistance of House Republicans and helped created a conflict that justified his campaign's suspension
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