Friday, September 19, 2008

Fresh & Easy workers want a Union, Trader Joe's in Brooklyn buzz, Friday Morning One Liners...

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A Butcher employed at Citarella's who was previously employed at Balducci's, has been arrested for smuggling cocaine into Italy, citing the US' weak economy as a motive.

Lots of buzz surrounding the new Trader Joe's in Brooklyn.

More here @ Urbanite.

The, a popular Metro area blog writes "Gristedes really can't win".

As reported last week on the hundreds of Muslims who walked off the job in protest, hundreds of non-Muslim workers walked off the job in counterprotests Wednesday and Thursday morning in support of their co-workers.

The city's unemployment rate increased nearly one percentage point to 5.8% in August, making it the biggest month-to-month jump in three decades.

Tesco's rapidly-expanding Fresh & Easy US grocery business is facing its first formal call for union recognition from its workforce, following organising efforts by the United Food and Commercial Workers, the largest US grocery union

New York State on Tuesday began offering an “enhanced driver’s license,” one of a number of non-passport citizen travel documents that are making their way down bureaucratic government pipelines.  Read the NYT Article here.

Politics, Politics

The Door is open for Fosella to get back on the ballot.

Gov. Sarah Palin and other elected officials have been disinvited from an anti-Iran rally scheduled for Monday at the United Nations, organizers of the rally and the campaign of Senator John McCain said.

Sen. Kevin Parker, 41, has been accused of assaulting a staffer, he apparently, pushed her, knocking her glasses to the floor - and then purposely stepped on them, according to the police report.

Tesco's Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market here said it has received a letter from an employee at a store in Orange County seeking union recognition for workers at that store.
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A&P's Pathmark banner is celebrating its 40th anniversary with 40% off savings.
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As part of an effort to prevent allergic reactions to food, Stop & Shop has replaced the tree nuts it once sold from its bulk bins with prepackaged varieties.
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Wegmans Food Markets here said yesterday that it is just starting to receive the first of 101 fuel-efficient trucks that will make up 60% of its next-generation truck fleet.
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Hillary Clinton has an op-ed about health care for women

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More on the Fresh & Easy/union issue from Fresh & Easy Buzz. Looks like they broke the story based on the dates :

James. UFCW 19 year member.

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