Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Growth of 'Small-Box' stores, Wal-Mart hikes up Gas Prices in the midst of an evacuation, Tuesday Morning One Liners...

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The Daily News did a story on the first ever King Kullen located 171-06 Jamaica Ave.

Wal-Mart Hiked up their gas prices in Texas during a Hurricane evacuation. People aren't really happy about that.

Whole Foods VP was named to Organic Center board.

ROCHESTER, N.Y. — Wegmans Food Markets here has announced that it is increasing the availability of sustainable packaging and sustainable containers in its fresh food areas,
 according to the company’s website.

Stop & Shop has dropped their suit against Whole Foods.

An editorial in Supermarket News notes the growing trend and interest in "Small-Box Stores"


Finally someone writes about McCain/Palin campaign not pushing policy issues, but their personal stories, making them America's favorite couple.

When it comes to support for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, a new national poll suggests men and women don't see eye to eye.

The Washington Post goes through Palin and her families traveling expenses.

In a speech last night, Obama warned Palin not to "Mock the Constitution"

Locally, the Daily News covered the Addabbo race.

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