Monday, January 12, 2009

Canada Justices to hear Wal-Mart v.s. UFCW, Trader John's update, Monday Morning Read.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 9:  Senator Hillary Rodham ...Image by Getty Images via DaylifePenn Traffic Co., Syracuse, said Friday that it would close eight stores early next month as part of a strategy to invest behind its best-performing assets. The company said it would work with union representatives and employees to find the "best solution" for the affected workers.

The recession finally hits Wal-Mart.

Lee Scott thinks retailers specifically can help the plummeting economy.

Trader Joe's is suing Gristedes....Here's more at Bloomberg News.

In Minnesota, unionization gets a renewed push.

Canada Justices to hear WalMart vs UFCW.

Up to four stores at Atlas Park may close.


With Caroline Kennedy stumbling in her debut performance as Sen. Clinton's replacement-in-waiting, some are asking why Gov. David Patterson wouldn't pick New York's attorney general, Andrew Cuomo for Clinton's seat after she is named secretary of state.

Meanwhile Patterson & Kennedy meet to discuss the Senate.

A Queens assemblyman has proposed a four-day workweek for some state employees to help offset the $15 billion budget deficit faced by New York in 2009.

Just as the recession is throwing people out of work at an alarming rate, the unemployment insurance system in New York and many other states will start cutting off benefits this week for thousands of people who have been unable to find jobs since early last year.

Anthony Weiner, trying to fight his way out of Mayor Bloomberg's shadow.

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