Monday, January 5, 2009

"Wal-Mart Responsible for Death"- Police, Re-Zoning the hotel Pennsylvania, Wal-Mart sales up still...

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The police in Nassau County, New York released a report this week that clearly lays the blame for a Black Friday
trampling death on Wal-Mart.

Grocer Stew Leonard's Inc. is suing Dairy Farmers of America Inc., accusing the dairy marketing association of buying large amounts of cheese to distort the market in an attempt to manipulate and raise the price of raw milk and processed dairy products.

Bob Gillick, store director at the ShopRite on Tuckahoe Road, doesn't see hiring mentally disabled residents as an option - he sees it as a necessity.

Vornado wants to re-zone the Hotel Pennsylvania.

The Coney Island Coalition has created some harsh flyers about developer Joe Sitt.

Here's more on Wal-Mart's continued efforts to stop the organizing of stores in Canada.

Stop & Shop, Giant Food Launch "Major Consumer Wellness Initiative"

Food-retailing stocks in general fared better than the market overall in 2008, although more than half of the North American supermarket and wholesaler issues tracked by SN had double-digit percentage declines during the year.
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Whole Foods Market has pulled out of a plan to build a new store as part of a mixed-use project in downtown Miami, reports said last week.
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An incoming State Senator from the Bronx is facing near-record fines for violating city campaign finance laws.

Bill Clinton is rumored to take Hillary's seat.

Special election to fill Mike McMahon's vacant seat is on Feb. 24,

Here's more on all the special elections.

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