Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Morning One Liners...

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Certain bargaining units in Colorado that voted to approve a new union contract with Safeway have signed contracts, a report said Monday.

The Gowanus Canal, once a prospective site for Whole Foods, is now being cleaned up, but may just remain as is, a hole. Brooklyn Paper has more.

The Hannaford Hacker has plead guilty.

A&P is distributing 2010 health-themed calendars packaged with $45 in coupon savings, “Live Better!” calendars — available at the pharmacy departments of the retailer’s A&P, Waldbaum’s, Pathmark and Super Fresh banners

UFCW Local 1 has filed an objection on Price Choppers' bid on the Penn Traffic company.  There is "no assurance that Price Chopper will continue to employ a single of Penn Traffic's employees," says the document filed by the union.
  • If a nonunionized company purchases Penn Traffic, it would be required to recognize a store's bargaining unit if it rehires more than 50 percent of a store's former employees.
  • Buffalo-based Tops Markets reportedly will join the contest to acquire Penn Traffic's 79 stores, with a bid of more than $90 million.
The Jewish Theater of New York announced Monday that anyone on food stamps or Medicaid can attend its upcoming production for just $5. Full-price tickets are $50.

If you haven't read the New Yorker's piece on John Mackey yet.
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