Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday Morning One Liners...

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Local 1102 has filed an unfair labor charge against Saks following a move by the upscale retailer to eliminate 115 jobs in the cosmetics department of its Fifth Avenue store in New York at the end of this month.  , the Wall Street Journal reports.  A spokeswoman for the company said the decision "was completely unrelated to any union activity,"

CVS gears up for Employee Free Choice fight.

The absence of a supermarket in downtown Somerville, NJ, has community residents begging for anything.

ABC News: Price Wars, Decade's Best and Worst Industries

Harold Ford Jr. will challenge Kristin Gillibrand for Senate.

Bill Thompson has announced he will run for Mayor of NYC in 2013.

Advocates for the poor and working poor rallied Tuesday for a $10 minimum wage, jobs for welfare recipients and better ethics in state government. Read more at the Times Union.

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