Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Morning One Liners...

"The message is Wal-Mart is not a panacea. What Wal-Mart will do is going to change the kind of businesses you have in your area. It will create some jobs but force others out of business or prevent them from opening,"
-David Merriman, Department of Economics, University of Illinois at Chicago, on a new study which shows Walmart has cost the city of Chicago job growth.

Foot Locker will close 117 stores, and cut 120 jobs.

Supermarket News looks at Tops' bid for Penn Traffic's 79 stores... The Morning Times has more details..
The UFCW has released a statement on Tops' bid for the stores.

Another article on companies like Target and CVS preparing for the Employee Free Choice Act. looks at 10 things that Gourmet Grocers won't tell you.

Albertsons LLC said Friday it plans to close eight underperforming stores in Florida in mid-February and three Colorado stores in early March. The closures will reduce the chain's store count to 20 in Florida and 22 in Colorado, with 234 stores overall.

A new study says the one and only Walmart in Chicago is costing the area more job opportunities.

A 69 year-old Walmart greeter who was punched in the face by a 23 year-old customer, was fired.

The grandson of President Richard Nixon may run for Congress in Long Island, the NY Post reports.

NYC's next health initiative, curb the salt.

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