Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday News at Noon:

New England Stop & Shop Negotiations 
"We gave the company a proposal [Saturday] night, and the company came back and said it wasn't acceptable," Petronella said. "We want to see what they're offering as far as health insurance, wages and pension." -Brian Petronella, president of Local 371, in today's Hartford Courant.

The Hartford Courant published a memo from Stop and Shop to their employee's on their latest contract offer.

Stop and Shop also told the Courant that their latest offer is worth nearly $3,900 more per worker.

A Connecticut blog asks customers, "Would you cross the picket line?"  Many have used this phrase to the right-

Three of the 11 Shaw’s locations in Connecticut that are being sold to ShopRite operators will be owned by new members of Wakefern Food Corp., the cooperative said Friday.

The recently sold Penn Traffic stores saw sales decline on a weekly basis during January, according to a document filed with the bankruptcy court.

Walmart is aiming to cut Greenhouse emissions.

New York Governor David Patterson announced he will not run for re-election.

Senate hopeful Harold Ford Jr. is now bumping heads with Rep. Charles Rangel.

The Mayor of White Plains was arrested for assaulting his wife.

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