Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NY Daily News: A Union Against The Fat Tax

Liz Benjamin of the Daily News covers our position on the proposed 'Sugar Tax',  a regressive tax we oppose:
 Local 1500 represents supermarket workers. It stands to reason that some shoppers will change their purchasing habits if the fat tax is enacted, which could impact the bottom lines at markets. If the employers suffer, the employees will eventually suffer, too. 

From our Ad:

"We're all tired of being taxed by the government. Still, not all taxes are created equal. A Regressive Tax (the kind that hurts lower income people much more than wealthier people) is one of the worst. Any tax on sugar-based products will hurt thousands of New Yorkers in neighborhoods with meager purchasing options. In these communities, people are forced to shop in smaller stores, such as bodgeas and limited-product markets where they have fewer healthy alternatives. The sugar tax will force people to pay more simply because they have no other choice."

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