Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday Morning One Liners...Duane Reade in Chelsea takes Whole Foods customers

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Gothamist: The new Duane Reade in Chelsea is surprisingly competing with Whole Foods.

SN: Another study confirms that the recession is continuing to impact food purchasing and consumption behavior, including the meat department.

Shaw's Strike
Progressive Grocer: Stop & Shop, Labor Unions Head off Strike; Shaw’s DC Workers Walk

Boston Globe: Shaw's workers take their strike to local grocery stores.

In Philadelphia, local stores and community members are appearing on Cheerios boxes
Employees at four Burlington County ShopRite stores are being honored on the backs of Cheerios boxes.
According to a spokeswoman, ShopRite sales associates raised almost $500,000 at 43 stores in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area. Chosen by their peers, 86 ShopRite associates appear on a special-edition Cheerios box being distributed throughout the region.

First Aldi stores in Texas to open March 18.

NYT: Obama Turns Up the Volume in Health Care Bid.

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