Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Morning One-Liners: Wal-Mart's Discrimination Suit, Brooklyn Plans

Wal-Mart & Brooklyn

NY1: A Wal-Mart Battle Grows in Brooklyn
With speculation mounting that Wal-Mart may try and open a store in Brooklyn, opponents of the big box retailer are already fighting back. NY1's Grace Rauh filed the following report. (video)

Supermarket News: ShopRite, Wal-Mart Said to Eye Brooklyn...
Both this week were said to be separately preparing to build new store sites in Brooklyn, though neither retailer had made an official announcement.

Brooklyn Eagle: Wal-Mart Coming to East NY?
“There’s no argument that Walmart will shut down small businesses,” said Pat Purcell, assistant to the President of United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Union Local 1500. It has been seen many times over that the low wages and vast array of products Walmart offers make this outcome inevitable. “Small businesses are killed,” he said.

WSJ: Wal-Mart a Target, Even Just Shopping

More @ WPIX11,

Wal-Mart Gender Suit
SN Wal-Mart Mulling Supreme Appeal
A U.S. appeals court here has ruled against Wal-Mart Stores in a lawsuit filed by former female employees who claim the retailer discriminated against women in awarding pay and promotions, but Wal-Mart said it is considering appealing the case to the Supreme Court.

NY Times: Steven Greenhouse, Wal-Mart Gender Case Divides Court
In a closely watched case, a sharply divided federal appeals court on Monday ruled 6-5 that a sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart could proceed as a class action for more than a million women. The suit is the biggest employment discrimination case in the nation’s history.

Forbes: Wal-Mart faces largest sex-discrimination suit in U.S. History.

Is this the employer we want in our city?

Shaw's gets support
Progressive Grocer: Unionized employees at Acme Markets in Philadelphia and New Jersey, and Shoppers Food & Drug in Maryland and Virginia are throwing their support behind the 300 workers at the Shaw’s warehouse in Methuen, Mass., who have been on strike since early March.

More @ Supermarket News

Head's up Connecticut, the Food Bazaar is expanding to CT
The New York-based chain with 16 stores specializing in serving inner-city customers, is slated to host a grand opening of its first Connecticut location here next Thursday, May 6.

LoHud: ShopRite Gets Permit to Build a City Center in White Plains
Following several months of review, the city handed a building permit to ShopRite, paving the way for the largest downtown supermarket to open at the City Center mall this fall.

Brooklyn Navy Yard
Admiral's Row to Mowed Down for ShopRite

NY Post: Brooklyn Navy Yard breaking walls to open new ShopRite

NY Times: In Wake of Immigration Law, Calls for an Economic Boycott of Arizona
A spreading call for an economic boycott of Arizona after its adoption of a tough immigration law that opponents consider racially discriminatory worried business leaders on Monday and angered the governor. 

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