Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New York City Council Bashes Mott's

As Celeste Katz reported today in the Daily News, New York City Council members have signed on to support the striking workers at Mott's. 

The letter, addressed to Mott's parent company Dr Pepper Snapple, reads in part:
"We understand that the costs of operating a plant such as this have increased. However, we don’t feel that this justifies bargaining demands for pay cuts and increasing health coverage costs, especially for a company as profitable as Dr. Pepper Snapple. For more than 100 years, Mott’s has thrived while proudly calling New York State home.The workers who are responsible for the company’s success should not be forced into a contract that cuts their income at a time when the cost of living in this state increases with each passing year."

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mary said...

Once again a big corporation is trying to break a union so it doesn't have to pay their workers the money they work hard to collect and eliminate benefits as well. We have become a nation of all for one----me,me,me,me,me! Just remember Mott's owners that in the end- "The haves will have not and the have nots will have." I, as well as everyone I know will no longer be buying your products.

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