Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Morning One Liners: 300 Loblaw Workers Reach Tentative Agreement; Avoid Strike...

Loblaw's Superstore Workers Reach Tentative Deal; Avoid Strike:
As previously reported in SN, 300 workers, represented by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1000A, have been working without a contract from more than a year. Local news sources said they will vote on the new contract July 25.

AFL-CIO Blog: From Sweatshop to Union Shop?
The first-known apparel factory in the developing world to pay a living wage is operating in  Villa Altagracia, a small impoverished town in the Dominican Republic. For the first time, the 120 workers at the factory will be paid enough to support themselves and their families.

WSJ: Today's East Harlem; Costco & Condos.

Whole Foods' UK Stores, Dancing in the Red:
The upmarket grocer, which aimed to take on established rivals such as Waitrose and Marks & Spencer, lost £4.3m in Britain in the year to the end of September, according to accounts filed last week

Village Voice Blog: "New Chelsea Trader Joe's is Fabulous" 

San Francisco Gate: Pro Union Law Shot Down
A state appeals court struck down a union-backed California law Monday that allows labor picketing on a store's parking lots and private sidewalks, saying it unconstitutionally requires property owners to host speakers with whom they disagree.

NEWARK, N.J. — A federal grand jury here has indicted the former owner and chief executive of Capitol Investments Inc. for allegedly leading an $880 million Ponzi scheme related to a bogus grocery wholesaling business. 
In Warwick, NY, a Price Chopper Supermarkets store  has been awarded Silver-Level Certification award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s GreenChill Partnership for reducing the use of refrigerants.

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