Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Morning One Liners: Target Takes Manhattan, Fresh Market is Upstate...

Foxwoods bartenders, beverage servers lounge hosts and bar porters will be voting on July 31 for UFCW Local 371 representation.

BJ's Wholesale Club has finally resolved their Quincy (Mass.) problem.

NY1: Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn: Old Navy Yard Gets Restored to Serve the Future
As NY1 continues its look at Brooklyn's history, borough reporter Jeanine Ramirez shows how the aging 19th-century Brooklyn Navy Yard is being renovated and readapted to serve as a green manufacturing center.

MyUFCW: Video: Shoppers Continue to Support Mott's Workers by not Purchasing Mott's Products...

AP: Target Takes Manhattan with East Harlem Store

"This is the (company's) largest single investment on any single project," John Griffith, executive vice president of property development for Target Corp., said during a press tour Wednesday.

Letter: The Real Effect of Big Box Stores
A great Letter to The Editor, Two years ago I moved to Guilford from a suburban area of New York City to escape the escalating effects of too many big box stores. ...My experience is not unique or exaggerated. All across American small towns and their Main Street economies are destroyed when a single big box store moves in and start the well documented, escalating domino effect...Read the entire letter here.

Fresh Market expands in Northern NY: The anticipated opening of the trendy, Fresh Market, will be August 18 in Colonie...

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