Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday's One Liners: Walmart on 6th Ave? Really?

Would Walmart fit on Sixth Avenue? DNAinfo is reporting Walmart's renewed push to open a store in East Harlem or Sixth Avenue.  The story also reports Walmart tried to bolster some NY Public Relations by becoming the principal sponsor of last week's Veteran's Day Parade.

NPR: Walmart competes for New York City shoppers by offering free shipping.

The ACLU is suing Walmart for firing a medical marijuana patient.

In South Africa, where Walmart is attempting to take control of retail market, the government has set up a panel to study the economic impact Walmart will have.

Nick Shulz of the American thinks Union's need a better argument against Walmart after the NY Post's (notorious Walmart supporters) continued biased statistics of New Yorkers' shopping habits at nearby Walmart.

Those who think we need a better argument (including Mr. Shulz) should read Amy Traub's recent piece in the Huffington Post, entitled "New York's Lousy Jobs (And how we can make them better)" A must read.

UFCW Local 21, UFCW 81 and Teamsters 38 [Seattle]– bargaining in concert- are set to resume bargaining this week. [The Olympian]

A longtime employee of the Whole Foods Market in St.Louis is suing the company for firing her after she complained to her superiors about the alleged mishandling of organic produce.

For all you Social Media users, the NLRB announced that Worker Rights extend to Facebook, check out the synopsis in UFCW International's Blog:

Think your re-usable bag is good? Think again, a new report surfaced citing most reusable bags contain lead and are hothouses for bacteria according to reports from the NY Times and Daily News.

Supermarket News reports that retailers throughout New York met last month to receive more information on how to get publicly supported grants and loans that would help them build or improve stores in underserved neighborhoods in New York state — so-called “food deserts” that lack access to fresh foods.  We need to get the message out to our unionized operators to take advantage of these opportunities.  Stop & Shop opened in Far Rockaway last month receiving grants and loans in program similar to this.

New Dorp ShopRite donated 1,000 Turkeys to needy families. [Video]

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