Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mid Week One Liners: Wage Theft Pevention Passes, Walmart looks to conquer South Africa

New York Legislature Passes Historic Wage Theft Protection Act
The Wage Theft Prevention Act (S8380/Savino - A11726/Heastie), has now passed both houses protecting thousands of hard-working men and women from unscrupulous employers who steal their earnings by paying less than minimum wage, misclassifying them as independent contractors, forcing them to work off the clock and various other schemes. This important legislation will increase penalties and strengthen enforcement of laws protecting workers from nonpayment and underpayment of wages.

Aldi rolls out larger stores, up to 18,000 square feet.

On Tuesday, the Senate passed the sweeping Food and Drug Administration Food Safety Modernization Act by a 73-25 vote, setting the stage for reconciliation with a similar House version that passed last year. Now, there are reports saying the bill may hit a snag and get delayed.

New York City Council is planning on debating the impact a Walmart would have opening a store within NYC.  They'll be discussing the affects Walmart will have on small business and neighborhoods among other things.  The hearing is set for December 14.  Walmart has recently solicited black leaders for assistance getting into NYC.

More @ The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C.,  Mom 'n Pop stores are afraid of Walmart.

Fairway is waiting to hear back from NYC for permission to put up signs for their Douglaston store, which plans on opening in the spring of 2011.

Walmart looks to conquer Africa as they offered to acquire 51% of the shares of Massmart Holdings Limited, the diversified South African retailer, for about $2.4 billion.

More: South Africa wakes up to Walmart.

Business Week: Walmart CEO Mike Duke talks to Charlie Rose.

Trader Joe's is opening their fourth Chicago store.

CVS is voluntarily pulling their reusable bags.

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