Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Morning One Liners:

Supermarket News: Inside the A&P Bankruptcy, A&P seeks to 'Right Size' in Chapter 11.

Last week, the judge in A&P’s federal bankruptcy case granted the retailer’s request to reject 73 leases for properties where A&P no longer operates a store. Rent expenses for these closed properties were a major drain on expenses for A&P, the retailer said, even though landlords for many of the properties said A&P had stopped paying rent on them earlier this year and filed separate suits seeking rent payments. [Supermarket News]

ShopRite moves into White Plains on January 5.

The New York Times does a piece on Target's grocery expansion.

In effort to mend relationships, President Obama met with labor leaders last week.

CUNY tuition is getting hiked 5%, instead of rioting and flipping cars, students filed a lawsuit.

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