Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Morning One-Liners:

A Queens Courier Poll is showing that residents don't want a Walmart.

Brooklyn residents, and Council Member Charles Barron rallied at City Hall against Walmart on Tuesday.

Here's someone else who's not buying into Walmart's poll that discovered Small Businesses "want a Walmart":
Gotham is in the initial stages of conducting its own poll and the results are showing that the New York retail community is overwhelmingly against Wal-Mart opening a store in New York City. This poll completely refutes the polling results conducted by Wal-Mart which have been recently reported.[Press Release]

Darryl Towns has an Op-Ed in the NY Post entitled "It's not about Walmart"

The Daily News and NY Observer have pieces on our release yesterday, asking NY Politicians to send campaign contributions they received from Walmart to Toys-For-Tots

Meanwhile Walmart responded to our request, saying they "support[s] those who share our commitment to stimulating economic development and creating jobs..."

We're all for creating jobs, who isn't? But the world's largest company should act a little more responsible.  For one of the only companies actually profiting in a bad economy, why did they just end a Sunday premium pay for employees hired after January 1, 2011?  That's not our definition of stimulating an economy.

Meanwhile across the border, UFCW Canada is declaring victory in an 18-month free speech battle with Walmart that concentrated on the labour rights website In June 2009, the world's largest retailer filed a motion with the Quebec Superior Court for an injunction against the popular and long-standing website maintained by UFCW Canada citing trade-mark infringement. [Press Release]

Reuters asks if Walmart is trying to pull a 'Circuit City on Best Buy'

Mother Jones tells the world how you can't blame unions for A&P's problems.

City Hall News has a great article on the advancement of Food Policy in New York City.

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