Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Icey Afternoon One Liners:

Apologies on delays getting the news feed out, we've been diverging most of our time on this Thursday's rally and City Council hearing on Walmart in NYC

Walmart's plans for a store near a Civil War battle field is canned!

From Crain's NY: ShopRite is jockeying with Walmart for the Brooklyn site.
Let's see, Walmart just ened their $1.00 Sunday premium on January 1, pays [Walmart] low wages, has a tough history with gender discrimination (the list goes on) ShopRite workers get healthcare and pension plans and Sunday premiums and vacation time and guaranteed raises with job protection. Talk about a no brainer.

Mike Albo from the @N_YPress imagines life in NYC with Walmart a good piece, outlining the transformation of NYC;  "It will indicate how desperate we may be for work—any work. It will be a further sharpening of the edge between high and low, luxury and convenience, rich and poor. And it will show us all how far we are willing to let the city change to be able to buy thongs and pacifiers in the same place." 
Our brothers and sisters in Chicago are gearing up for a North Side Walmart fight.  More @ ABC News.

With all of our attention on Walmart, Aldi, a discount supermarket is planning and preparing for their NYC debut.  With their first store set to open on February 18, in Rego Park, the store only anticipates to hire less than 18 employees.

More: Long Island Business News (subscription): Global Retailer, Aldi coming to Long Island. Anticipating 20 stores opening throughout Long Island. Update: Dolan Media has the full contents of the article here.

A&P has asked U.S. Bankruptcy Court for permission to reject a logistics contract with Grocery Haulers Inc., which provides trucking services for its Pathmark stores, saying the contract is inefficient and likely to become more expensive.  Supermarket News has the story.

Amazon.com is taking on Fresh Direct for web groceries.

Last week, Key Food opened their first Connecticut store, in Stamford. 

Inserra Shoprite is developing a new store in Jersey.

Kmart in New Springville, Staten Island — not Pathmarkwill be closed to make way for a Target in 2013.

CBS News Special Report: Discount Grocers Growing Fast.

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