Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Weeks End One Liners: Pathmark, Walmart's 2nd No Show, Aldi's NY Invasion

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Borough President Marty Markowitz says he'll help find a replacement for the Pathmark closing in Brooklyn.
Daily News: Sheepshead Bay Pathmark soon to close, leaving void in neighborhood. 

Newark Post: A&P Seeks Bankruptcy Court Permission to close Glassgow Pathmark.

A&P Names 6 new Execs after announcing the closing of 32 stores. A&P Closing 10 Philly Area Stores.

Progressive Grocer: A&P Shuttering 32 Stores.

The Real Deal: Sheepshead Bay Pathmark Closing.

NBC Philly: Hundreds of Jobs on the line with A&P closures.

Yesterday, the New York City Council held a hearing on Walmart's labor history.  The hearing was filled with testimonies from Women's Advocacy groups, former Walmart employees, Unions, Attorneys, Gay Advocacy groups, Researchers & community groups.  Though Walmart was extended an invitation, they did not attend, again. 

The RWDSU recapped yesterday's hearing

NELP: That's A LOT of Wage Theft, Walmart! Testimony of Annette Bernhardt, Ph.D.   

Crain's: Walmart Hearings, Round 2.

Defending Walmart is a fireable offense @NYObserver 

Fox: No Love for Walmart in NYC.

Melissa Mark Viverito debates Walmart in NYC on NY1, check it out!


Borders Bookstore has filed for bankruptcy and announced they'll be closing 200 stores.

Target is opening a smaller format store in Chicago, seems like a growing trend for cookie cutter stores trying to break into urban markets.

Walmart in South Africa, 'The Beast in the Bush'; Economist.

WSJ: Pressure on Walmart to show strategy.

Take action on behalf of the workers in Wisconsin! From the UFCW International:
Workers and their allies in Wisconsin are gearing up for a drawn out fight with the state's new Republican governor Scott Walker, who has announced a plan to roll back state government employee rights by decades, and has called on the Wisconsin legislature to enact it quickly--calling out the National Guard if necessary!  
Head here for more info and to help out the workers in Wisconsin! 

Bloomberg's new City budget calls for over 6,000 teaching job cuts.

UFCW President and Change to Win Chair, Joe Hansen Denounces Congressman Boehner’s Pro-Unemployment Remarks. [Press Release]

Consumerist: Walmart says returning books and magazines is illegal?

Aldi (under the Trader Joe's corporate umbrella) had their grand opening in NYC (Queens) today. They have huge expectations for NYC. [Press Release]  They've also said, they're not done opening stores in NYC.   
via Crain's: In the Bronx, Aldi signed a lease at 1750 E. Gun Hill Rd. near the Westchester County line in a nearly vacant shopping center. The 18,000-square-foot store is expected to open late this year, though construction has not begun yet.
In Bayshore, Aldi has a space at 1851 Sunrise Highway. The Rego Park store is located at 61-11 Junction Boulevard.
It's great to see affordable supermarkets opening, though, Aldi stores don't generate many jobs for communities, and the jobs that they do provide aren't union.   We see Target opening smaller stores in Chicago and Walmart focusing on smaller store formats, these stores are looking to eliminate jobs and replace them with more demanding working conditions for less pay.  Not only do we need healthy and affordable food options, but we need jobs that provide paths for career development, health care and provide solid, sound means to supporting families. Enjoy your weekend and as former Walmart worker Kenneth James said to me yesterday after his testimony, "Keep fighting the good fight."  

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