Friday, January 6, 2012

Monday Morning One Liners: More Assualts on Unions, Target Teams with Apple

Excellent Editorial in the New York Times: Continuing Assault on Unions focuses on the relentless, shameful attack by the Republican party on unions and workers' rights, in a time and economy when we need them most.

A proposed bill in New Jersey would allow NJ residents to get Jersey vineyard wines shipped right to their homes.

Alec Baldwin was dropped as the Wegman's earlier this week, then re-hired once customers were outraged.

The Nation highlights UFCW's campaign to Change Walmart.

Walmart is buying up more and more social media companies.

Last week Walmart was Blacklisted by one of the world's largest pension funds.  The reason? Poor labor practices and their anti-union/worker stances.  Sixteen other companies were blacklisted along with Walmart, nearly all of them excluded for producing chemical or nuclear weapons that violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.  Check out Lila Shapiro's piece in the Huffington Post:
Walmart typically shrugs off criticism of its labor practices as union-driven propaganda and insists that its employees are happy and well-managed, but investing experts say that when one of the largest pension funds in the world divests, the company would be wise to listen to the message. It's the same message the American labor movement has been pushing for decades.

Great article from Grist, looks at the dominance Walmart is gaining on our entire Food System and why we should be scared:
We had a leak in the cooler that didn't get fixed for a month and all this moldy food was going out on the floor." Walmart doesn't accept the idea that "a supermarket takes any skill to run," she said. "They treated the produce like any other kind of merchandise."
A&P announced the launch of plans to deploy a category optimization solution to "help enhance its merchandising strategy and improve the customer experience across its more than 300 northeast and Mid-Atlantic stores."

In Belleville, NJ, a Pathmark who was a community fixture for over 30 years, and fell victim to store closings, remains vacant over one year later.  Though the community remains hopeful.  

Hooray! (sarcasm) Apple mini-stores are coming to Target.  A perfect match for the employer who faces federal labor law charges (Target) and the company where they reward their employees in titles like Geniuses, and not pay, benefits or basic rights at work.  Looks e-harmony couldn't have matched these two any better.

Last week the National Labor Relations Board announced they would be adding more labor charges to the existing federal charges Target Corp. faces for allegedly violating the law in the weeks leading up to the union election in June, 2011.

Meanwhile Target reported increased December sales but missed expectations.

Number 8 on Brooklyn Papers top 12 to watch for in 2012 is a Brooklyn Walmart, Big Box store.

Workers at VPH Pharmacy, a Michigan-based distributor of pharmaceutical products, recently won the right to join UFCW Local 876!!

International President, Joe Hansen, appluaded President Obama's recess appointments.
“We applaud President Obama’s recent decision to fill vacant posts at the National Labor Relations Board and the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau and. These agencies play an important role in safeguarding the rights of workers and their families..."

In California, retailers are being fought on alcohol sales at self-checkouts.  Most retailers are complying says the SF Chronicle, but Fresh & Easy is struggling following the newly passed law.

Good Read: Paul Krugman in his latest piece for NY Times, "Unlevel Playing Field" says it's a fiction that GOP and Romney care about equal opportunity.

Uh-oh alert...Wall-Street employees are threatening to quit if their bonuses aren't enough.

Whole Foods is closing their Dallas Bake-house.

Trader Joe's
is opening up in Albany, their first store in the capital region makes the Business Review ponder if  other retailers follow them.

via AFL-CIO Blog: The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) urged the Indiana state legislature to reject a so-called right to work bill. “As Indianapolis proudly prepares to host the Super Bowl,” says the union, “it should be a time to shine in the national spotlight and highlight the hardworking families that make Indiana run instead of launching political attacks on their basic rights.”

Last week, the awesome union employer, Fairway Market, not only does right by their employees but does great for their community.  Ten percent of all sales made during the seven-hour period at Fairway locations in Red Hook, Douglaston and Plainview goes straight to the fund created shortly after Officer Figoski was killed to help his four daughters attend college.  Check out the story @WPIX.  Great job, Fairway!

And just for fun, a man was arrested at a Walmart last week for trying to use a $1 million dollar bill.

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