Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NLRB Files Mores Charges Against Target for Conduct at Valley Stream store

The NLRB has filed more charges against Target, adding more charges to what is already a long running list of ways the super retailer violated labor laws in order to prevent employees from joining the UFCW.  Last June, Target intimidated workers by handing out flyers which raised questions such as "Will the Store Close if the Union Gets In?", they forced employees to watch a corny anti-union video,  and interrogated workers to the extent that they felt almost 'criminal-like' for supporting the union.  If that wasn't enough, Target also fired one of the leading 'pro-union' voices from Valley Stream, a mere 7-weeks after the union vote this past summer.

UFCW Local 1500 Special Projects Director and Target campaign Director Aly Waddy released the following statement:
"The NLRB is slowly recognizing Target manipulated the system, and intimidated their employees with interrogations and an intense propaganda campaign.  They [Target] used every tactic possible with no regard for the law from keeping the hardworking men and woman at Target from gaining respect at work.  It's reassuring [the NLRB filing more charges against Target] that their conduct and disregard for the law created a slanted atmosphere, making any shot for a fair election impractical.  It's a small step that this is not only recognized by us and the workers from Target Valley Stream, but the National Labor Relations Board."

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