Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday Mornin' One Liners

The NLRB has adopted the rule change, putting an end to "unnecessary litigation & delays" between filing for a union election and the vote.

Here's what UFCW International President Joe Hansen said about the NLRB rule change.

Rumors are stirring that the NLRB could be shut down by next year.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association have released a statement on the NLRB rule change naming it the "ambush election rule".

A&P has updated their Financial Outlook, Supermarket News reports.

The Seattle City Council has passed a law banning plastic carry-out bags! The bill encourages the use of reusable shopping bags by requiring grocers and retailers to charge a nickel for paper bags. The bill was also backed by UFCW-21 "We have the support of grocers, retailers, restaurants, labor unions, and environmental organizations in Seattle. We also have broad grassroots involvement from residents who have been emailing and calling in support of this issue for months now."

Poor holidays sales along with competing against Walmart & Target, is leading Sears & /Kmart to close 100-120 stores, a move expected to lay off/displace thousands of retail workers.  More @ ABC News.

Rob Walton, Chairman of the Board for Walmart, won JWJ's annual 'Scrooge of the Year' contest.
The family’s dividends from their Walmart stock alone are more than $2 billion/year. Just using their dividends, they could ensure that a million Walmart employees make at least $12/hour. Instead, they are growing richer by the year. Even with all of this money, Walmart only pays an average of $8.81/hour to store associates. And the company has yet to meet with and address the concerns of those who work for them such as scheduling (especially during the holiday season). Just last month Walmart, under Rob’s leadership, slashed health care coverage for hundreds of thousands of Walmart employees and their families—right before the holidays!  What a scrooge! Check out more at JWJ.
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer: Walmart a threat to NYC.

Editorial: Big Box Scheduling leaves workers exhausted and broke in the hectic holiday season.

Fresh, healthy foods were promoted less by Supermarkets in 2011 reports Supermarket News.

Bi-Lo will buy Winn-Dixie for $560 million.

Pathmark & workers clash on Christmas opening.

Huffington Post writes that Unions & Occupy Wall Street are working together, slowly.

The New York Observer sees through Target's new strive to be more 'local' at their Harlem store.

The AFL-CIO Blog points out that Lawmakers, not just CEO's, are the top 1% and maybe that's why it's so difficult to pass a millionaire's tax.  Summed up in an excellent article in today's  Washington Post: Growth wealth widens distance between politicians and constituents.

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