Thursday, December 1, 2011

Monday's News Afternoon:

Asbury Park Press: Workers approve contract to keep A&P afloat.  More @

UFCW International released a statement from President Joe Hansen on NLRB Election Rule.

Republicans are panicking about the NLRB rule change.

Stop and Shop is set to buy 3 King Kullen stores.

Buying holiday gifts made in America can help create jobs!

Huffington Post looks at Walmart's latest Chicago express store.  The store is 14,800 square feet and is expected to employ 45 people. says this is Walmart of the future.

The UFCW is Battling Target in Canada:

Target purchased many unionized stores for their Canadian expansion, the UFCW Canada is asking their labor board to declare Target as a successor employer, which would require Target to recognize the union as representing employees at that location after it becomes a Target store!  Target is claiming their acquisition of the stores was strictly for real estate.

More @MinneapolisBusinessJournal: Target faces union push in Canada.

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