Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NLRB Adopts Rule to Speed Union Elections

Today, in a small step forward to leveling the playing field for the working class, the National Labor Relations Board adopted a new, Republican criticized and attacked, rule which would eliminate and "reduce unnecessary litigation and delays" during the union election process.  The new rule will go into effect on April 30, 2012.  From the NLRB:

but under the current rules, inefficiency, abuse of the process, and delay still hamper resolution of many questions of representation.
In recent years, only about 10 percent of NLRB election cases have gone through the hearing process. Such elections have been held on average 101 days after the election petition was filed with a regional office.

 “This rule is about giving all employees who have petitioned for an election the right to vote in a timely manner and without the impediment of needless litigation,” said Chairman Pearce.
You can read the press release from the NLRB with summaries of the proceedings here.  Earlier this November, House Republicans passed what was dubbed the Election Prevention Act, to combat the modest NLRB rule change.  The laws would give companies and corporations a tool-kit and a swiss-army knife for defeating unions and destroying workers' rights.   Republicans continue their attack on unions, workers' rights and the NLRB, though today a small victory towards creating a fair unionization process.

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