Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thursday Mornin' One Liners: Bob's Goes UFCW, Again!

"For the mayor to endorse Walmart... is an example of the 1 percent of the income earners advancing the economic interests of the 1 percent of the mega-corporate world." Brooklyn Assemblywoman Inez Barron, in response to Mayor Bloomberg's support of Walmart opening in NYC.

The New York Observer writes on how Walmart is constantly "woo'd" every week by brokers for their lucrative real estate deal if they open a store in NYC.   Since that's what it's all about, real estate commissions from Walmart, not their potential affects on surrounding communities and local business.

In India they're [Walmart] hearing a familiar complaint about opening and expansion, "You'll kill our local business."

Walmart is holding a community hostage explained the Mayor of Warren, as they won't agree to a developer building a new state of the art facility that will compete against them, forcing what locals call an eyesore next to the Walmart store.  “They basically have deserted the city of Warren and, rather than move out, they’re just paying their rent,”

Walmart's ballot-box tactics have California residents angered and feeling bullied by the mega-corporation.

Walmart really wants to do your taxes.

Odd story that people continue to find hypodermic needles in Walmart clothing.

New Jobs Report: Good for Retail Workers.

Four more Bob's Discount Furniture stores vote in the UFCW!

Great read: The GOP's war on labor unions.

The WSJ Reports that Stop & Shop balked A&P's new re-structuring deal, they're protesting the new CBA.

Forbes says $239 million is the cost to compete with Walmart.

Bankrupt A&P will fight on under concessionary bargains.

Stop & Shop is hosting a Healthy Kids Summit.

Target is trying to layoff their unionized employees who were recently acquired when they purchased the Canadian chain, Zellers.

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