Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Mornin' News Bites:

Workers in Michigan at JBS have approved their first Union Contract w/ UFCW 951!

California grocery workers are stepping closer to a strike.

Minnesota Progressive Project: NLRB Slams Target.

Target's May sales were up.

DNAinfo says Whole Foods will have it's pick of real estate if they decide to move to Harlem.   Racked looks at the top 4 sites Whole Foods would move into in Harlem.  A spokeswoman for Councilwoman Inez Dickens said:
"We are not trying to get a store only certain people go to Inez's thing is that everyone has an opportunity."
Besides the price, Dickens is interested in how many local residents the store would hire, the size of the store and any outreach efforts the company would make in the community.
As Racked pointed out, who knows how long and if the project will go through, after all pre-construction just began at the Gowanus site, which was announced 8-years ago.

Busy week for Walmart, they withdrew from ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), an ultra conservative political group,  It's also Walmart's 50th anniversary, on Wednesday Areosmith played a show, & security has been on high alert to detain or arrest any labor protesters.

Walmart's annual meeting is today, shareholders are not happy with the company.

The Queens Gazette: Pathmark in Long Island City is Closing.

Fairway sets another N.J. opening. 

Our brothers and sisters at the Teamsters agreed on a new contract, ending a 10-month lockout.  Congratulations!

Tom Morello, Jackson Browne & Tim McIlrath are "Rocking for Wisconsin Recall" of Scott Walker-

Bill Clinton joined working families in Wisconsin to campaign for the recall of Walker.

May Jobs Report: 69,000 Jobs Created.

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