Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's up on Tuesday News: Recall Walker.

Quote of the day:
"we can do whatever we want, we're a corporation" 
-Target Official on making absurd rules on where workers can and can't discuss unions. 

Gawker gives some highlights of Target's illegal actions during last year's union election.  Some of our favorites that make your head shake:
Casolino told her that they could not speak there “because you are talking about the union.” At that time Waddy asked if they could speak across the street, and Casolino replied “not if you are talking about the same thing. The whole mall would have a problem with it.”4 Waddy answered that he could not “mandate” what his employees speak about, and Casolino replied that “we can do whatever we want, we’re a corporation.” Waddy said “the whole mall? Really?” Casolino laughed and asked them to leave
One thing you need to think about very seriously is that we have ALMOST 1800 STORES and 350,000 TEAM MEMBERS. We would have no difficulty hiring PERMANENT REPLACEMENTS for ECONOMIC STRIKERS. Unions like to call a strike an “economic war.” The 260 TMs [team members] here against 350,000 does not feel like good odds to me. I repeat 260 against 350,000... (Emphasis in original)
PR Watch asks if Scott Walker get a Pink-Slip, Orange Jump Suit or Second Chance?

Today is Recall Walker Day!  Union members throughout the country are volunteering their time at phone banks and at home with AFL-CIO's online pilot program to GOTV and recall Governor Walker.
Not everybody is making calls from a phone bank. More than 600 people have signed up for the AFL-CIO’s online pilot program, the Friends and Neighbors tool to make calls from home. Go to http://wisconsinfan.aflcio.org/users/login to sign up.
UFCW members are doing their part to GOTV, check it out @ UFCW Blog.

VOTE: The 2012 election is upon us. The stakes for workers couldn’t be higher. CEOs and special interests are dumping millions of dollars into races across the country to help elect anti-worker candidates.  June is UFCW Voter Protection Month! Check it out and get involved!

AlterNet: Workers win battle over Stop & Shop in Social Media case.

More kids are living in poverty in the U.S. than elsewhere...check out this stunning study.

Trader Joe's is opening their first store in Albany this summer.

Walmart shareholder votes show a serious unrest; 40% of public shareholders (not Waltons or execs/board members) voted no on Scott; ~32% voted no on Duke

Walmart discloses shareholder lawsuit details @ WSJ.

Second year in a row, Survey names Aldi low-price grocer of the year.

Gourmet Retailer: Fairway adds 2nd NJ Store.

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