Monday, June 18, 2012

June 2012 General Membership Recap

Local 1500 members gathered last Wednesday (06/13/12) for the June General Membership meeting.  Below is a quick abbreviated update on what was covered during the meeting.

  • Financial report from May 2012 as well as Executive Board minutes were read. 
  • President Both began his speech informing members that Pathmark in Long Island City would be closing as a result of A&P's continued financial problems.  He explained the union and representatives are working diligently to answer any questions and explain the bumping process, encouraging any member with any question contact the union as soon as possible.  Both showed a short video on union solidarity from UFCW Local 400.  He then spoke about the union's efforts to organize non-union stores throughout the jurisdiction.  Updated members on UFCW Local 1189's organizing drive against Aldi, a company that continues to expand throughout our jurisdiction and informed the membership he and Assistant to the President Pat Purcell have already traveled to the German Embassy in New York City to meet with the German Consulate on Aldi's poor labor practices.  President Both then updated the members on current events in the Valley Stream Target campaign, informing the members the National Labor Relations Board had overturned the union election at Target and found that Target violated a number of federal labor laws.  He then showed a clip from Target Corp.'s anti-union video.

  • Union Representative Vilmarie Solivan spoke about staying in touch with your union.  Outlining a number of ways to keep in contact with the union including:
  •  Union Representative Rob Ecker spoke about two exciting fundraising events in July and August.  
    • Monday July 23, 2012: Brooklyn Cyclones game! $40 for all you can eat/drink and a ball game!
    • Brooklyn Cyclones game August 30, 2012 at 7PM for $5  UFCW Local 1500 President Bruce Both will throw out the first pitch!  All proceeds will go the Local 1500 Charity Fund!
    • For tickets or more info send us an email!

  • Assistant to the President Pat Purcell gave a Political and Organizing update to the members, thanking those who signed the petition to raise New York's minimum wage.  He gave in-depth details, thanking the Local 1500 members for their help bringing Target Corp.'s business ethics and poor labor practices to the public eye.

UFCW 1500 Secretary-Treasurer Tony Speelman
  • Secretary-Treasurer Tony Speelman closed the meeting speaking about the importance of Local 1500 members getting involved with their union.  He specifically promoted the Local 1500 annual Blood Drive and BBQ on July 11th asking all members to come by, enjoy a BBQ and do good for their community!

For any questions or further info on the meeting please email us.

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