Friday, July 12, 2013

Top 10 stories this week:

Walmart said they'd pay a living wage if they were allowed to building D.C.  Now, they're refusing to build if the $12.50 minimum wage bill in D.C. is passed.  Sign the petition to tell the Mayor of D.C. not to backdown!

A shameless full page ad in the Washington Post appeared yesterday by NLRB critics, claiming the NLRB is a puppet to organized labor.

70 retailers have signed on to improve working conditions in garment factories in Bangladesh.

Fresh & Easy launched a Food Truck.

Fairway makes two new hires for their new facility.

We protested with community members and other local unions this morning at the grand opening of Walmart in Levittown.  Patch wrote up on it, check out the photos on our Google Plus.

Pathmark to close 3 New Jersey stores.  Related story, A&P is in a Supermarket Reality TV Show. Also, Six Shaw's stores are slated to close.

In a story that's too crazy to be made up, Target's internal "Multi-Cultural Training Tips" for managing Hispanic workers were leaked....Graphic shows you the full list of tips, read the article at Huffington Post.

Kroger has bought the Harris-Teeter chain, in a $2.4 billion dollar deal.

We held our annual Summer Blood Drive & BBQ on Wednesday, thanks to all the donors and volunteers, we collected 129 pints of blood that will go to over 400 New Yorkers in need! Check out the photos here!

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