Friday, July 26, 2013

Fairway Opens 13th store in Chelsea NYC, Creates 300 New Union Jobs

Fairway market opened their first smaller format store on this week, in Chelsea, New York City.  The 17,000 foot sstore will create over 250 union jobs and is Fairway's 13th and smallest store.   More importantly, it's located in-between two non-union mongols, Trader Joe's & Whole Foods, giving shoppers and residents a much needed union option to shop at.   

At the grand opening, politicians and original Fairway owner, Howie Glickberg, credited the hard work and dedication to customer service by the thousands of Fairway employees for their tremendous success.  

Politicians also touted Fairway's commitment to their unionized workers calling Fairway a model business, "who proves that in today's economy you can be successful while treating your workers right." The statement rings true, as this is Fairway's second store opening this year (Kips Bay), which disproves the common business thought practice of skimming on labor costs to increase profits.  

Fairway continues to be extremely successful for the same reason Costco is, they treat their employees right and respect their employees' rights.  

Checkout Fairway in Chelsea on 26th st. and 6th ave. and say hello to your new union brothers and sisters! 

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