Friday, July 26, 2013

Top 10 News: Fairway's New Store, Eyes on Detroit

Fairway opened their 13th & smallest store in Chelsea this week, creating over 250 union jobs!  You can check out photos on our blog.

Wall Street Journal Front Page: Worker Centers, the Backdoor to Union Organizing.

Another Car Wash in the Bronx was organized this week! Congratulations to our new union brothers and sisters!

A&P has hired a Credit Suisse to explore options, including the sale of the the franchise.

Fast Food workers in NYC this week voted to strike Friday evening!  The strike comes after a Domino's Pizza worker was fired for bringing his coworkers to a pro-union rally earlier this year.

30 workers walked off the job on Wednesday at a warehouse of a luggage supplier to Walmart, to protest retaliation from managers after the workers complained about poor working conditions.

Detroit Bankruptcy: Sure you can read The Economist and almost every media outlet pondering if Detroit can be mended...But more importantly what does this bankruptcy mean to workers' public pensions?  Unions are fighting back, urging the White House to protect worker pensions.

Is it time to raise the federal minimum wage?  4 out of 5 Americans think so.

The Voting Rights Act is "the cornerstone of modern civil rights law, we cannot allow the slow unraveling of the progress so many, throughout history, have sacrificed so much to achieve" -Attorney General Eric Holder on the US Justice Department  seeking to block Texas from implementing voting rights changes without federal approval.

Did you know Goldman Sachs makes your beer more expensive? Seriously.  Pretty insane stuff here.

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