Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stop & Shop Negotiations Update #14

Update from Yesterday's (Nov. 13th) Negotiations with Stop & Shop:

UFCW Region 1 Director, Rich Whalen, and Federal Mediator, Carlos Tate, were present during our negotiations yesterday.  Some progress was made by both sides through the negotiation session.      
Please remember that the obligation of your negotiating committee is to examine all available options during negotiations before making any final recommendations to the membership to vote on.  

This obligation becomes even more significant when the committee is debating a recommendation that could result in a work action.  The longer we work without a contract (or an extension) the more likely it is that you will see contingency plans from both sides become public.  

Your union leadership and staff have been preparing for some time to be ready for any ultimate decision that we may face, we expect that Stop & Shop has been doing the same thing.  

Please continue to go to work every day, and keep your Union Representative informed of anything unusual at your store.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by replying to this message or contacting your Union Rep. 

Next Pension and Welfare Trustee Meetings are scheduled for: 11/19, 11/21 and 11/25.

Next scheduled contract negotiating session is 11/22.

Continue to check our Facebook and Twitter, and Contract page for most up to date info or actions, and to engage in negotiations conversations on our Facebook Page.

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Anonymous said...

Progress on ownership's side means concessions from the union. We can't afford to take a step back. NOW is the time to make a stand. Don't let this go beyond Thanksgiving.

PA Systems said...

It is said here we need to keep our Union reps informed of anything unusual going on in our stores. What is a good definition or example of "unusual"?