Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 12 Stories This Week: April 1

The biggest winners of the SNAP economy are the ones the government won't tell you about. Read more >
Just look inside the numbers of how "well" American workers are doing.  In a somewhat related story, see how low of a wage you could "get by" with.
Emails from a Senator's Chief of staff show a direct coordination between Politicians and an Anti-Union group hired to keep the UAW out of the Volkswagen plant.  UAW requested a delay after collusion was suspected, later in the week an anti-union group requested the hearing delay denied.
Tomorrow, April 5th, A&P will host private label events at Pathmark and Waldbaum's stores.
23 Domino's Pizza franchises throughout New York settled wage violations spanning from 2007-2013, for paying workers under minimum wage.  It's about time.
After 250 Teamsters protested a coworkers firing, UPS handed out pink slips to all of them.  On Thursday, NYC Politicians rallied and threatened to pull the plug on UPS city contracts.
AFL-CIO gives a translation of Target's latest installment of union-busting film.  This week Gawker discovered they even hired union actors to star in their new film.
Read his full statement here.
It doesn't add up; Big retailers like Walmart are donating millions to food shelters that their employees rely on.
A service that hires "freelance" delivery persons to shop at your favorite supermarkets, and deliver them straight to your door, last week they expanded to NYC.

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