Thursday, April 17, 2014

Top News April 11:


After refusing to back down from its decision to terminate 250 drivers, UPS on Wednesday agreed to give them back their jobs. The Atlanta-based company faced criticism for its stance, but then reached an agreement with the union to re-hire the drivers who work from a depot in Maspeth, Queens.

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Under pressure from mothers working in their stores and women’s groups, Walmart recently altered its policy around accommodating pregnant women
In a move to directly compete with Whole Foods, Walmart, the nation's largest seller of groceries, aims to drive organic food prices down. Read more.
The new contracts will be reviewed and voted on 4/22 and 4/23
Robert Reich explains how $10.10 is a nice start, but we're far from a fair wage.
While restaurant operators across the country are grappling with higher local minimum wage rates or bracing themselves for a possible boost in the federal minimum wage, some restaurateurs have voluntarily lifted employee wages.
Checkout some union made products that might surprise you
NFL Cheerleaders aren't paid minimum wage and sometimes are paid in cash.  Read the alarming report.
Victories for Walmart Associates fighting for change this week.

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