Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Happened Last Week?

Check out the stories #ICYMI last week:


“We don’t want to see something like a Walmart move in that sort of sucks the small business character out of the community.”  The NY Post is angry, more on the project here.

Unfortunately this has to be done by executive order not out of logic or common sense, to protect people.  The law requires contractors to disclose all labor violations.  Read UFCW President Joe Hansen's comments here.

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The company seems to be in disarray, and has also delayed their openings in Chicago and NYC and they just announced a new store in DC.

The ruling could open the door for unions.

"For more than two years, UFCW members have spoken out with a simple and compelling message: safe line speeds mean safe workers. With today’s publication of an improved poultry modernization rule, it is clear that the voices of UFCW members were heard loud and clear." UFCW President Joe Hansen

Campbell Brown kicked off her union-busting PR campaign on Stephen Colbert's show, where she was met with some surprises.  Protesters flooded the streets before the TV show filming.

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