Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stop & Shop Negotations Starting Next Week

By: Tony Speelman

On Thursday, November 13th,  we'll be heading into our first negotiation session with Stop & Shop. 

As I mentioned at the Shop Steward Seminar, we've had tremendous difficulty scheduling sessions with the company officials, whom until this point has refused to take these negotiations urgently by pushing it off by giving us an original date of November 17th.  However after repeated pressure from us, we were able to get them to agree to meet with us on the 13th. 

Our elected Stop & Shop negotiation committee will be led by myself,  and Assistant to the President Robert Newell. 

At the first meeting, the committee will present the company with our proposals that were submitted from contract proposal meetings in September.   Originally our first meeting was scheduled for Monday

Here is our calendar of scheduled negotiations for the month of November:  
  • Thursday, November 13th
  • Monday, November 17th
  • Monday, November 24th

We'll be keeping you updated digitally through emails, our social networks and on our website  So, if you know any coworkers that would like to be on our Stop & Shop Contract Update list, please sign them up here, or tell them to send us an email.

Please reply to this message with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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