Friday, November 14, 2014

What's News This Week: Top 13 Stories.

The memo, marked “highly sensitive,” tells Walmart marketing managers to make sure that the company’s 4,965 United States stores discount aging meat and baked goods to maximize the chance that those items will sell before their expiration dates. The memo — leaked for public use by a Walmart manager unhappy about under-staffing — also tells stores to be sure to “rotate” dairy products and eggs, which means removing expired items and adding new stock at the bottom and back of display cases.
The sit-in was live-streamed on Take action and participate in the Black Friday protests that the workers are planning to hold on 28 November.
Workers at a Whole Foods Market in San Francisco’s South of Market  neighborhood are demanding higher wages and the right to collective bargaining without being reprimanded by management. Specific demands include a $5 wage increase, better working conditions, a comprehensive health plan with affordable premiums and deductibles, and no retaliation for forming a union. Whole Foods — a company that has long preached a philosophy of corporate benevolence — is the second-largest non-union food retailer in the country.
President Obama will ignore angry protests from Republicans and announce as soon as next week a broad overhaul of the nation’s immigration enforcement system that will protect up to five million unauthorized immigrants from the threat of deportation and provide many of them with work permits, according to administration officials who have direct knowledge of the plan.

Stop & Shop has partnered with AARP to provide free supermarket store tours for Long Island, N.Y., seniors.
The second new concept store makes its Queens debut.
McDonald’s Corp. and other franchise companies are preparing a major public campaign to fight a recent National Labor Relations Board determination that could hold them responsible for the labor practices of their franchisees.
States are raising their own minimum wage higher than Congress' suggestion.
8. President Obama Speaks Out on Net-Neutrality
If you haven't heard of Net-Neutrality, well, you should read about it now.
The nation’s four postal unions are mobilizing a National Day of Action on Nov. 14, to send a powerful message to Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe and the United States Postal Service Board of Governor’s: Stop Delaying America’s Mail.
Exotic dancers at a midtown Manhattan strip club were awarded nearly $10.9 million by a U.S. judge who found they were employees unfairly classified by the club as independent contractors.
For the first time in history, federal contract workers at the U.S. Capitol building walked off the job Thursday, fighting for a $15 minimum wage, better benefits and the right to unionize. They joined workers from the Pentagon, the Smithsonian museums, the National Zoo and other federal contract workers in the nation’s capital.
She told Pablo S. Torre of ESPN the Magazine, "Let's call it what it is. [Without the players,] [t]here. Would. Be. No. Money. Thirty more owners can come in, and nothing will change. These guys [the players] go? The game will change. So let's stop pretending."
Editorial of the Week:
This one hurts, a Canadian writes an open letter to Americans giving us a reality check of all the progress President Obama has made since taking over for George W. Bush.
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