Friday, July 24, 2015

A&P/Pathmark's Bogus Proposals Are Simply Insulting

For years, you, your co-workers, and your families have personally and financially sacrificed to invest in A&P’s success.

You made these sacrifices for the sake of your families, their co-workers, and the communities you so deeply care about. In light of all that you have done, we know how angry you are about what the company has done. It is an outrageous failure. 

You did everything right, and it’s because of their repeated mismanagement and strategic mistakes that A&P is where it is.

Now, we want you to know, in the interests of selling more stores, A&P is asking for even more sacrifices from you and every co-worker.

Enough is enough!

Among the bogus proposals they have made:

  • Preventing any new buyers from recognizing our union contracts
  • Displacing workers with seniority
  • Trying to limit our right to strike
  • Turning their backs on our agreed contracts and threatening us in their new proposals
  • Letting non-union workers come into our stores and do our jobs
  • Demanding we go quietly while they threaten our jobs and contracts
  • Manipulating and interrupting how we get our severance pay
  • Taking away our vacation and entitlement pay
  • Declaring that we can either roll over and comply with these bogus terms, or we can go to court
Our message to the company is this…

We will not sacrifice more to pay-off a select group of executives and corporate investors. Period.
As we have told the company, our members and their families have already sacrificed.

The truth is what will make your store a financial success are not more sacrifices by you or A&P’s hard-working men and women – you have already done that. What will make them a success is new and responsible management.

If A&P, its executive team, or its investors want to play the blame game, they should all look in the mirror. 

We will fight as hard as we can to protect what you have earned and deserve, and will do everything in our power to make A&P honor their responsibilities to every members and their families.

Our Union is prepared to answer any of your questions and will continue to keep you informed through our Shop Stewards, visits by our Union Delegates, our website, social networks or your phone calls.  Above all, keep the faith and remember we’re fighting every second to protect your future, your jobs and our union.

Thank you and in Solidarity,

Bruce W. Both
UFCW Local 1500


Anonymous said...

You are delusional. The ball is in their court!!.....the fat lady is singing!
The jobs as they currently exist are gone!!!

PA Systems said...

It's very typical of the greed prevalent in retail. It should be forced to end. a nationwide Strike against these slime is the only way. They(pathmark) will NEVER negotiate in good faith as long as Unions show that they will fail to use this powerful historical weapon against the avarice of these kinds of companies.