Friday, July 24, 2015

Update on A&P: July 24, 2015

Statement from President Bruce W. Both

All of our brothers and sisters from A&P/Pathmark and related banners are enduring a most difficult situation. Be assured our union is fighting every minute to protect you and keep you informed with the most accurate information. All Local Unions, with the assistance of our International and the input of Bankruptcy Attorneys, will not rest until we help bring a positive resolution to this terrible situation.

Our first concern is to stop the spreading of inaccurate information. As usual, rumors are spreading like wildfires throughout the stores since the filing of the 2nd Bankruptcy. The rumors, as usual, are even more distressing and untrue. Do not empower them. By following this link you’ll find a chart of the present status of each Pathmark store our union represents. Please remember this is only an initial report as of today, and we expect additional bids on the unsold stores and those slated to close (refer to attachment).

14 of our stores have been announced as sold during this first round of ‘bidding’, and two were announced to be closing. We have every reason to believe there will be more stores sold. I must stress though, that due to A&P's second bankruptcy filing, we are again in the hands of the Bankruptcy Court, and the judge could modify our agreement if petitioned to do so by the Company.

Our Union is prepared to answer any of your questions and will continue to keep you informed through our Shop Stewards, visits by our Union Delegates, our website, social networks or your phone calls.  Above all, keep the faith and remember we’re fighting every second to protect your future, your jobs and our union.

You can find all updates on Pathmark on our update page located here.

Thank you and in Solidarity,

Bruce W. Both
UFCW Local 1500

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