Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Afternoon One Liners...

Sam Walton's original Walton's Five and Dime, ...Image via Wikipedia

Wal-Mart "confident" on defeat of Employee Free Choice.

Should America expect more from Wal-Mart? [Bloomberg]

Report: 20 members fired in Arizona for "Union Activity".

Wal-Mart plans a new 'Hispanic' supermarket format.

Duane Reade has some successful 'fresh food' taste tests.

Save Mart Supermarkets in California said it has eliminated a handful of corporate and support staff to eliminate redundancies left over from its 2007 acquisition of 130 Albertsons stores.
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Public outcry on Food Safety and Sanitation increases.

Bruno’s Supermarkets has asked U.S. Bankruptcy Court here to void parts of its contracts with the United Food and Commercial Workers union, saying that successor agreements in the deals are an “impenetrable barrier” to a potential sale and survival of the chain.
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Aldi spends millions to expand to Texas.


NY Times on Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer, "Economic Meltdown is no laughing matter"

Anthony Weiner takes a step back from the Mayoral race, for now.

Patterson pushes the expansion of COBRA benefits.

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