Monday, March 30, 2009

Ohio investigates Wal-Mart cutting 650 jobs, No wine in Supermarkets, Monday Morning One Liners...

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When Ohio gave Wal-Mart, the worlds largest retailer, a $1.8 million dollar job creation tax credit, they expected the jobs to be preserved. Friday, Wal-Mart announced they will be cutting 650 jobs, sparking the Ohio Dept. of Development to investigate if Wal-Mart reneged on their deal.

Albany: "No wine in grocery stores, beer taxes increase"

Howie Glickberg, "Out to conquer the New Jersey Market"

Gristedes has launched a new discount program.

Fresh & Easy launches 25 new wines.

Tom Suozzi signaled he’d run for governor again if David Paterson doesn’t seek re-election

The Times Union analyzes the budget.

What is in the new state budget?

Bloomberg opens campaign offices in 3 boroughs.

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